Join CoTech

Our vision is a fairer world in which wealth and resources are distributed to the people who need them rather than those best able to take them.

Why join CoTech?

As an existing worker cooperative there are many reasons why you might want to join the fastest growing UK tech worker coop network.

1. More work and better business

Joining the CoTech network will allow you to:

  • get referrals from other members,
  • collaborate or partner on projects,
  • supplement your team with skills that you don’t have,
  • meet the needs of your own clients.

Being part of a larger network can increase your own reputation as a business and value proposition that will enable you to win work and grow your business.

2. More skills and better knowledge

You can tap into skills and experience from other cooperatives that will enable you to

  • learn about better ways of working and
  • solve common problems
  • share your knowledge and experience on various aspects of your work
  • promote your cooperative to potential partners and collaborators.

Sharing skills and knowledge helps us all to be more efficient and reduce the likelihood of duplicating efforts.

3. More support and a better network

You will join a friendly and welcoming network of co-operative businesses and people. We support each other through

  • regular meetups and workshops,
  • peer-to-peer mentoring and shadowing,
  • access to private threads on our community forum,
  • co-working opportunities,
  • a private Slack channel.

Meeting like minded people is a crucial aspect of building trust and solidarity within the network and will provide a vital support network of like-minded individuals for your co-op.

Who can join?

To join CoTech you need to be a worker owned co-operative providing digital or technical services in the UK. For more details on who can join and how to join, please see the wiki pages linked to below:

Contact us using our forum.